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The Nightfox Hypnosis Mission 

Nightfox Hypnosis strives to create love and healing above all else. Believing that the basis for life is to respect, help, and care for one another. 

Nightfox Hypnosis is committed to creating a safe-space for everyone; regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, personal expression, racial background, kinks, or fetishes.

No matter a client's past experiences or hopes for the future, Nightfox Hypnosis has a place for anyone who believes in equality of everyone, and offers kindness and respect to all of it's patrons.

Nightfox Hypnosis is a center for healing and love, a place without judgment. Where anyone may come to be healed and empowered with the tools to change their own life. 

Nightfox Hypnosis is committed to confidentiality of it's clients, and will do all within it's power to facilitate in their personal well-being and privacy.

Nightfox Hypnosis is a center to celebrate growth and achievements, no matter how large or small, and comfort those in need of comfort.  

Nightfox Hypnosis is a professional space with a professional hypnotist, working with any desire that is safe, sane, and consensual. No kink or fetish shall be shamed or judged. No fantasy will be looked down on. No personal problem shall be belittled. 

Nightfox Hypnosis is a safe space for everyone.

"Self-love is the source of all our other loves." Pierre Corneille Improving self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, sleep quality, and reducing stress.
Self- Help
1 hr
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