Passionate About Helping Others

Rowan (he/him or they/them) grew up in a small town in the South-Eastern Utah desert. He knew he was gay early in his teens, and was able to find help in being homosexual and closeted in a small, highly religious town through the power of hypnosis. By using CDs and other pre-recorded sessions to boost his self-esteem and inner strength, he was able to overcome a myriad of trials in his teens and young adult life. 

He went on to study graphic design at BYU-Idaho, and then later at the University of Utah after being outed as gay; added a second major in the field of Gender Studies. Wanting to make a positive difference in the world, he had a dream of designing for the Human Rights Campaign; but, was disappointed by the organization's lack-luster show of education and lobbying to improve the lives of the other members of the LGBTQIAP+ community who aren't cis-gendered, gay men. Deciding to focus more on the individuals in the community, rather than as a whole, Rowan turned his attention back to his childhood dream of helping others in the same method that he found helped him at an impressionable age: hypnosis.

Despite being on the asexual scale, Rowan embraces the side of himself that calls out to the BDSM lifestyle. He identifies as a Switch, with focus as a Pet Player and Handler. He dove into this world and held a full term, inaugural pup title only three months after becoming active in that world. He went on to be runner-up for an international pup title; promoting unity, love, and inclusivity for those who are transgender, gender queer, and female within the pup community.  


Knowing the power of hypnosis first hand, he studied to be able to imbue others with the strength inside themselves, offering specialties that aren't seen elsewhere.


Rowan strives to create a judgment-free safe space where any member of the LGBTQIAP+/ BDSM communities and their allies are able to find the strength, healing, and power within themselves. It's Rowan's dream to live in a world where everyone feels proud of who they are, sees their own value, and isn't held back by fear.

  • Certified Consultant Hypnotist

  • Certified Master Hypnotist

  • Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Member of the Utah Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

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