What is Hypnosis Anyway?

You've likely seen a movie or watched a TV show featuring "hypnosis," and the character has endured some phenomenal effects as a result. But, what is it in real life, outside of Hollywood?

Chances are that you've already experienced Hypnosis at least once today already. Have you ever driven home, only to realize your mind had been wandering the whole time and you don't remember the drive? Do you ever daydream, talk to yourself, or picture vivid scenarios or situations that haven't actually happened? What about when you've been reading a book, or long passages of text, only to reach the bottom and have no recollection of what you've just read? Of course you have! We all have. And we've all experienced hypnosis as a result.


Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind, and we experience it everyday. Hypnosis won't "feel weird" because it is a common state that we are constantly in and out of every day of our lives.


Hypnosis is not mind control. It can not make you do anything you wouldn't otherwise choose to do. You are always in control and will be able to hear everything said during a session.

By using hypnosis as a tool, we are able to by-pass the critical factor of thinking and access the subconscious mind, where we can ultimately change unhealthy habits or negative ways of thinking with the power we already possess; so long as the desire and conviction to make that change exists within ourselves. 

What if you make me do things I don't want to do?

Let me start off by saying, "I won't." The reason why is simple; hypnosis can not make you do anything you wouldn't otherwise choose to do. Hypnosis is not mind control, it simply lowers your critical factor of thinking and makes your subconscious more easily assessable.

Though your conscious mind will be less active, your sub-conscious mind is still fully aware of what is happening and will protect you from all suggestions and ideas that go against your moral compass and  does not take away free will. 

Even under hypnosis, you are in control. If, while under hypnosis, you were presented an idea or suggestion that you don't agree with, you will do one of two things- disregard it, or wake up.

Can you solve my problem in one session?

The answer to this question depends a lot on you. Though it is possible to solve our issues in one session, don't feel discouraged if it takes a few sessions to see the problem dissipate completely.

Hypnosis is not a magic cure. But, it can bypass a lot of the struggle of overcoming heartache, breaking or gaining habits, and seeing long-term results. 

The more conviction you have and desire to change yourself, the more you will see those results. Hypnosis is a partnership. You will need to do your part as hypnosis (previously mentioned) is not mind control, but a tool to speed up results within yourself if applied properly.

Don't see the answer to your question?

Then send me an email! I'd love to have the opportunity to put your mind at ease and help you achieve whatever it is you want to change or discover within yourself!

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